Inspirational Websites Roundup: Webflow Special #5

Welcome to our fifth edition of the exclusive roundup, where we showcase an inspiring collection of the most stunning Webflow websites on the internet. In collaboration with Webflow, the leading website builder empowering designers globally, we’ve handpicked a selection of sites that epitomize creativity, sophistication, and technical brilliance. If you want to keep getting inspired

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Case Study: ToyFight — 2024

Background First up, it’s been a long time coming. Our previous site, seemingly loved by many, had been around since 2016. We went through about four complete redesigns from 2018 onward, each time getting closer to releasing a new version, only to stop. Why? Well, we often got sidetracked with paying work, prioritizing that above

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Case Study: Vendredi Society

With the hyper-growth phase our studio has undergone, it was crucial that our website reflected our values and our distinctive model. “We deliver brands with high objectives the strategy and the creativity it takes to have that impact, by teaming up with some of the best talents out there. Without ever compromising on keeping your

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How to Easily Create Lottie Animations With SVGator (Unlimited Free Exports)

SVGator, the easiest web animation tool to work with, introduces full support for the Lottie file format with its latest update. With this functionality upgrade, designers and developers can now use SVGator to implement Lottie animations into their projects with none of the setbacks of other Lottie solutions to worry about. Users can now effortlessly

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Design Finds: Creative Slideshows

A small collection of creative slideshow designs and animations. Deciding on a name for this collection was a challenge because “slideshow” hardly does justice to the innovative ways images and content are being transitioned nowadays. As you explore the videos, you’ll quickly grasp the variety and creativity of the effects we’re showcasing. Often found in

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