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Case Study: ToyFight — 2024

Background First up, it’s been a long time coming. Our previous site, seemingly loved by many, had been around since 2016. We went through about four complete redesigns from 2018 onward, each time getting closer to releasing a new version, only to stop. Why? Well, we often got sidetracked with paying work, prioritizing that above […]

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Case Study: Vendredi Society

With the hyper-growth phase our studio has undergone, it was crucial that our website reflected our values and our distinctive model. “We deliver brands with high objectives the strategy and the creativity it takes to have that impact, by teaming up with some of the best talents out there. Without ever compromising on keeping your

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Case Study: Gabriel Contassot’s Portfolio — 2024

Working with Gabriel on his new portfolio has been a great experience. He initiated the project with a minimalist yet well-conceived design, incorporating animation ideas and maintaining an open-minded approach. This flexibility fostered extensive experimentation throughout the development process, which, in my experience, yields the best outcomes. The core of the website features a two-page

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Case Study: 84—24

Introduction Let me introduce myself. I’m Michele Giorgi, a 36-year-old Frontend dev from Rimini, Italy. I got into this gig back when being in the web game meant wearing multiple hats: designer, developer, and sometimes even copywriter, SEO specialist, marketing analyst, and sysadmin. As the field evolved and roles became more specialized, I found myself

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Case Study: Sophie Studio

From our sponsor: Create stunning brand assets with the help of our AI-driven Creative Assistant. Get started today. At Sophie Studio, we are a team of creative professionals who love pushing boundaries and staying ahead of the game. We take pride in our expertise in various projects and the recognition we’ve received both domestically and

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Case Study: Studiogusto

From our sponsor: Connect Design and Development to Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Applitools Centra. As a dynamic agency, we recognize the importance of constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve. With this in mind, we embarked on a website redesign project to better reflect our values and showcase our expertise. Although we began

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Case Study: Crosswire

From our sponsor: Get suggestions for improving your content, targeting, and marketing automations to help you increase revenue. Crosswire challenged us to create a website that broke the mould, something that fully embodied their disruptive approach to the industry. It needed to be unique, memorable and visually striking.  The core challenge was visualising Crosswire’s complex

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