Design Finds: Creative Slideshows

A small collection of creative slideshow designs and animations.

Deciding on a name for this collection was a challenge because “slideshow” hardly does justice to the innovative ways images and content are being transitioned nowadays. As you explore the videos, you’ll quickly grasp the variety and creativity of the effects we’re showcasing. Often found in the project sections of portfolios, these designs exemplify that there’s no ceiling to innovation and creativity. While some might classify these as “carousels,” I avoided narrow labels to fully embrace the varied ways we transition between image and content blocks.

I’m excited to share these dynamic slideshow designs and animations with you. Honestly, it’s about time we had a comprehensive lexicon for visual effects and animations!

If you are interested in more design and code, we got you covered with our open source slideshow experiments!

I hope you enjoy this selection!

My personal favorite is Franceso Michelini’s! Which one is yours?

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