Collective #830

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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

In this edition, we’re spotlighting fresh frontend developments. Alongside insights on AI’s impact in web development and Bramus’s scroll-driven animation tips, we delve into Antoine Mayerowitz’s creative use of the Pareto Principle in game design.

Join us for a nostalgic throwback with Figma’s old-school cursors, the JavaScript Signals proposal enhancing reactive programming, and Bruce Lawson’s practical accessibility tweaks.

Plus, don’t miss Michele Giorgi’s in-depth case study, 84—24, on our blog—a nostalgic journey with a modern twist.

Have a wonderful start of the week!

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Go FlyEase by Biondic Vladimir

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…Elk Cloner, recognized as one of the inaugural microcomputer viruses to proliferate “in the wild” — that is, beyond the confines of the system where it originated — targeted the Apple II operating system and propagated through floppy disks? This piece of programming history was crafted around 1982 by the then 15-year-old high schooler Rich Skrenta, who later became known as a programmer and entrepreneur. Initially devised as a humorous prank, Elk Cloner found its way onto a game disk, marking an early instance of computer virus spread outside a controlled environment.

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