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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

This edition brings insights from Ahmad Shadeed on CSS container queries, Tyler MacArthur on the benefits of image sitemaps for SEO, and Robin Rendle’s strategies for handling CSS complexities.

Rachel Andrew introduces a comprehensive course on JavaScript, and David Bushell discusses optimizing image processing with OffscreenCanvas and Web Workers.

We have some nice videos for you, too; don’t miss refining your CSS layout and animation skills!

Happy learning!

This week’s website pick is none other than Organimo’s breathtaking website, a masterpiece crafted by the ingenious minds at Unseen Studio. Submerge into a surreal and beautiful world, where the ocean’s depths are brought to life through an amazing scroll experience. Fantastic work!

Standout Web Design Picks

Level up your design skills! Codux is a collaborative visual development environment that allows you to edit CSS and style React components directly on the source code.This course was created so you can master the basics and start creating with confidence.

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