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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

This edition unpacks a range of interesting reads that you won’t want to miss.

Tim Berners-Lee, the visionary behind the web, shares his growing concerns about its future, emphasizing the urgent need for us to unite in protecting this invaluable resource.

Meanwhile, Paul Graham, a sage in the startup world, delves into the journey of Reddit’s founders and also gives career advice to young individuals. He champions the pursuit of one’s own projects and the entrepreneurial path as key drivers of genuine success. With his wealth of experience, Graham’s insights are not to be missed.

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Designing Women by Readymag tackles gender inequality in design, showcasing contributions from those impacted by gender-related issues. Through inspiring stories, useful design resources, and the ReadyLaunch grant, Readymag aims to bridge the gender gap by drawing from personal experiences and the broader need for representation.

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… the protocol HTTP/0.9, the first version used on the World Wide Web, was incredibly simple compared to today’s standards? It only allowed for one command: GET, which requested a webpage from a server. There was no headers, cookies, or any other type of metadata — just the raw HTML document. This simplicity was key to the Web’s initial growth, allowing for easy implementation and widespread adoption.

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