Top 50 Free Icon Sets for UI Designers

Icons play a critical role in UI design, offering a simple yet effective way of conveying information and direction while enhancing user experience. Luckily, most icon sets are free for designers to use in many different types of projects, including web and mobile app design.

It’s just a matter of finding the icon set that best suits the requirements of your project. That’s where this collection comes in. If your web design project has taken a minimalist approach, you’re building a clean and simple mobile app, or you are looking for something a little more playful, you will find the icon set you need here.

Additionally, some icon sets have been designed for specific purposes, such as eCommerce, weather, or social media, making it easier to find relevant icons.

The free icon sets below are available in various formats (SVG, PSD, AI, EPS, and Webfonts) and for different UI applications, like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. All of the sets are free to download, and most allow you to use them in both your personal and commercial projects. However, please check the license before you use them.

With such a variety of free icon sets available, UI designers can find the perfect icons to fit their project’s style, tone, and purpose here.

Open-Source Icon Libraries

Open-source icon libraries offer a range of high-quality free icon sets for designers and developers to use in their UI projects. These libraries are community-driven and provide flexibility in customization.

Linear & Bold Iconsans (660 Icons, SVG, Vue & React Packages)

Linear Bold Iconsans Open-Source Icon Set SVG Vue React Packages

Mage Stroke, Fill & Brand Icons (1089 Icons, SVG, Figma & React Package)

Mage Stroke Fill Brand Open-Source Icon Set SVG Figma React Package

Atlas Icons (2,701 Icons, SVG, Figma, Web Font, React & Vue)

Atlas Open-Source Icon Set SVG Figma Web Font React Vue

Bootstrap Icons (2,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, SVG Sprite & Webfont)

Bootstrap Icons Open-Source Free SVG

Fluent Icons (4,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, PNG, WEBP & Figma)

Fluent Icons Open-Source Free SVG PNG WEBP Figma

Sargam Icons (280+ Open-Source Icons, SVG & Figma)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Sargam Icons

Supercons React Iconset (200 Open-Source Icons, SVG & React)

Supercons Open Source SVG React Iconset

Heroicons 2.0 (288 Open-Source Icons, SVG & Figma)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Heroicons

Material Icons on Google Fonts (2,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, PNG, Webfont & Figma)

Google Fonts Loves Material Icons

For more Material Design icon sets, take a look at this collection.

Glyphs Complete Icon Design System (6,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, Figma, Webfont, Vue & React)

Open-Source Glyphs The Complete Icon Design System

Iconoir Icon Collection (1,500+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, Webfont, React, Figma & Framer)

Iconoir 900+ Open-Source Icons SVG, Webfont React Figma Framer

Slim Icons (187 Icons, SVG)

Slim Open-Source Icon Set SVG

Tabler Icons (5,200 Icons, SVG & PNG)

Tabler Open-Source Icon Set SVG PNG

Phosphor Icons (9,072 Icons, SVG, Figma & Sketch)

Phosphor Open-Source Icon Set SVG Figma Sketch

Boxicons Web-Friendly Icon Set (1,500+ Open-Source Icons, SVG & Webfont)

Boxicons Web-Friendly Icon Set Open-Source SVG Webfont

Glyph & Pictogram Icon Sets

These icon sets offer a minimalist approach to icon design, featuring basic shapes and symbols to communicate their meaning. Glyphs and pictograms are ideal for conveying information in a clean and concise manner.

Notion Icons (2,200 Icons, SVG, Figma & PNG)

Notion Icons Open-Source Icon Set SVG Figma PNG

Tetrisly Icon Library (260+ Icons, SVG & Figma)

Tetrisly Icon Library Free Set SVG Figma

Freebie SWM Icon Pack (300 Free Icons, SVG & Figma)

Freebie SWM Icon Pack 300 Free Icons SVG Figma

Website UI Thin Line Icons Pack (60 Icons, AI, EPS, PNG & SVG)

Website UI Thin Line Icons Pack

Iconic Pixel-Perfect Icons (200 Open-Source Icons, SVG Format)

Iconic Pixel-Perfect Icons 620 Free Icons SVG

Line Icons Expanded (200+ Icons, AI, EPS, PSD & PNG)

Line Icons Expanded

Universal Icon Set (60 Free Icons, Figma, IconJar, SVG & PNG)

Universal Icon Set 60 Free Icons Figma IconJar SVG PNG

Glyph Neue (1,500+ Free Icons, SVG & PNG)

Glyph Neue Free Icons SVG PNG

Pebble Icons (160 Free Icons, React Package, SVG & PNG)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Pebble Icons

Vuesax Icon Kit (6,000+ Free Icons, Figma, Sketch & Adobe XD)

6000 Free Icons

Anron Icons (480+ Free Icons, SVG & Figma)

Anron Icons Free Icons SVG Figma

Akar Rounded Icon Library (434 Free Icons, SVG & Webfont)

Akar Icons

Majesticons (7,300+ Free Icons, Figma)

Majesticons 700+ Free Icons Figma

Dripicons v.2 Icon Set (200 Free Icons, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, Sketch & Webfont)

Dripicons Free Icon Set PSD AI EPS PDF SVG Sketch Webfont

Dazzle Icons (1,800 Free Icons, SVG & Figma)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Dazzle Icons

Gonzocons 2.0 (100 Free Icons, Webfont)

Gonzocons 2.0 icon font

Pure CSS Icon Sets

These icon sets have been created entirely using CSS without the need for any images or JavaScript. The sets offer scalable, customizable, and fast-loading icon sets for web designers.

Pure CSS Icon Set (512 Free Icons, CSS)

Pure CSS Icon Set

Minimal Icon Sets

These simple and minimally designed icon sets feature clean, uncluttered designs that focus entirely on the bare essentials of each glyph. They are a customizable option that will allow you to seamlessly fit them into many design styles and UI projects.

Lineicons (8,400 Free Icons, Webfont, SVG, Figma, PNG & React)

Lineicons Free Icons WebFonts SVG PNG React

Basicons (326 Free Icons, React Package & SVG)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Basicons

Iconex (1,000+ Free Icons, Figma)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Iconex

Regular UI Line Icons (56 Icons, AI & EPS)

Regular UI Line Icons

Ripple Icon Library (302 Free Icons, Figma)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Ripple Icon Library

Edge Outline Icons (450+ Free Icons, Figma)

Edge 450+ Outline Free Icons Figma

Doodle Icons (400 Free Icons, SVG, PNG & Figma)

Free Icon Set UI Web Design Doodle Icons

Minimal Icon Pack (1,800+ Icons Free, Sketch, Photoshop, AI, SVG, EPS & PNG)

1800 Free Minimal Icon Pack

All Purpose Line Icons (70 Icons, Free, AI & Sketch)

70 Free All Purpose Line Icons

Line & Solid Icons (90 Icons, Free, Sketch App & AI)

90 Free Line Solid Icons

Tiny Style-Controlled Iconset (Free, SVG)

Tiny Style-Controlled Iconset

20×20 Line Icon Set (Free, AI, Sketch)

20x20 Free Line Icon Set AI Sketch

Line Icon Set for Designers (Free, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)

Free Line Icon Set for Designers

Colorful Icon Sets

This selection of colorful icon sets offers a vibrant and dynamic option for UI designers looking to inject energy into their projects. They are versatile and can be used with various design styles.

BlobsIcons Colorful Icons (328 Free Icons, SVG)

BlobsIcons Colorful Icons

Mex~Icons – Mexican-Themed Icon Set (Free, AI, EPS & PNG)

Mex Icons Mexican-Themed Icon Set AI EPS PNG

Colorful Ficons Icons (Free, 120 Icons, PSD)

Colorful Ficons Icons

Graphic & Web Design Icon Sets

Web Design Filled Icon Set (50 Icons, PSD, AI, Figma, Sketch & Affinity Designer)

Web Design Filled Icon

Web Design Outline Icon Collection (50 Icons, PSD, AI, Figma, Sketch & Affinity Designer)

Web Design Outline Icon Collection

The Free Art Tools Icon Set (Free Icons, AI, SVG, PNG)

The Free Art Tools Icon Set AI SVG PNG

eCommerce Icon Sets

These free sets feature icons specifically designed for online stores and shopping. They offer a range of options to communicate important eCommerce information, like payment methods, shipping options, and shopping carts.

eCommerce Line Icon Collection (150+ Icons, EPS, AI, SVG & Affinity Designer)

eCommerce Line Icon Collection

eCommerce Icon Pack (40 Icons, PSD, AI, Sketch & Figma)

eCommerce Icon Pack

Retro Business Icons (170 Free Icons, Free, Sketch)

170 Retro Business icons

Colorful eCommerce Icons (50 Icons, AI, EPS, PNG & SVG)

Colorful eCommerce Icons

Smashicons Retro Business Icons (170 Free Icons, AI & Sketch)

Smashicons Retro Business Icons

eCommerce Icon Pack (42 Free Icons, PSD & AI)

eCommerce Icon Pack

Weather Icon Sets

These icon sets are commonly used in weather apps and websites to help communicate various weather conditions, such as temperature, sunny, cloudy, or rainy.

Weather Icons (30 Free Icons, Sketch Format)

Weather Icons Sketch

Bold Weather Icon Set (25 Icons, Figma Format)

Bold Weather Icon Set

UI Icon Set FAQs

  • Why Use Free Icon Sets in UI Design?

    Free icon sets can save you time and effort. They provide a range of ready-made icons that can give your design a professional and cohesive look without creating each icon from scratch.

  • Are Free Icon Sets of Good Quality?

    Many free icon sets are created by professional designers and are of high quality. They can be as good as paid ones, offering crisp, clear, and stylish icons.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Icon Set?

    Consider the style and theme of your project. Look for icon sets that match your design’s aesthetic and ensure they include the types of icons you need.

  • Can I Customize These Free Icons?

    In many cases, yes. Depending on the format, you can often change colors, sizes, and sometimes even the shape or design elements of the icons to suit your project better.

  • Do I Need Special Software to Use These Icons?

    Not usually. Most icons come in common file formats like PNG, SVG, or EPS, which can be used in various design software. Some sets might require specific software, so it’s good to check.

  • Can I Use The Icon Sets for Commercial Projects?

    Often, yes, but always check the licensing terms for the icon set. Some are free for personal use only, while others permit commercial use.

  • Are These Icons Suitable for Both Web and Mobile UI Design?

    Most icon sets are versatile and suitable for both web and mobile UI designs. Check if the set mentions specific formats or sizes that are optimized for mobile or web use.

  • Can I Combine Icons from Different Sets?

    Yes, you can mix and match icons from different sets. Just be mindful to keep a consistent style and size for a cohesive look in your design.

  • How Do I Know If an Icon Set Will Fit My UI Design Style?

    Look at the overall design of the icons – whether they’re flat, 3D, outlined, or filled. Choose a set that complements or matches your UI design’s style and color scheme.

  • Do Free Icon Sets Come with a License?

    Most free icon sets come with a license that outlines how you can use them. Some may be open-source, while others might have certain restrictions or require attribution.

  • What File Formats are Commonly Used for Icons?

    Common file formats for icons include SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), PSD (Photoshop Document), and sometimes AI (Adobe Illustrator). SVGs are especially popular as they can be scaled without losing quality.

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