Case Study: 84—24

Introduction Let me introduce myself. I’m Michele Giorgi, a 36-year-old Frontend dev from Rimini, Italy. I got into this gig back when being in the web game meant wearing multiple hats: designer, developer, and sometimes even copywriter, SEO specialist, marketing analyst, and sysadmin. As the field evolved and roles became more specialized, I found myself

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On-Scroll Revealing WebGL Images

Having objects appear on scroll is almost standard nowadays. However, there aren’t too many options available when it comes to HTML. Therefore, I decided to add a dash of excitement with some WebGL effects! Starting with a Plane Let’s examine a simple PlaneGeometry object with a ShaderMaterial. What possibilities does this combination offer? Well, actually

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Creating Audio-Reactive Visuals with Dynamic Particles in Three.js

In this tutorial, you will learn how we at ARKx crafted the audio-reactive visuals for Coala Music’s website. We’ll walk through the concepts and techniques used to synchronize audio frequencies and tempo, creating a dynamic visualizer with procedural particle animations. Getting Started We will initialize our Three.js scene only after the user interacts; this way,

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