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Whether you’re in the midst of Thanksgiving celebrations or simply savoring good moments, our heartfelt wishes extend to you for an exceptionally joyous time, surrounded by the warmth of good company!

Here is a really great quote for today: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero.

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Website of the Week

Kayenta’s website is a neat mix of clean simplicity and playful animations. The colors and typography blend well, creating a visually appealing look. Line icons add a nice touch to the content. Made by Báchoo, it’s our top pick this week.

Standout Web Design Picks

Execute context aware code snippets directly in your editor, anywhere in your project, even if your application/tests are not working. Enjoy real-time updates and seamless access to imports and program scope.

Try it now 👉

Three.js Showcase

In this special section, we showcase exceptional (3D) masterpieces created with the powerful capabilities of Three.js.

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Did you know that…

…in 1985, Symbolics, Inc., a computer manufacturer specializing in Symbolics Lisp machines, registered the domain, making it the first-ever domain name on the internet? This event marked the beginning of the domain naming system that is integral to how we navigate the internet today.

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