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AI-powered tools are really taking off right now. The speed of development is quite insane. Kind of feels like a revolution, doesn’t it?

But, let’s be real, it’s removing/changing jobs, and it’s happening super fast. Some say becoming a Machine Learning Engineer is the move. Someone’s gotta take care of the AI, right? Or, maybe not?

Here’s the scoop: AI might take over the world, but it might never quite get CSS. Who really does? 😉

Anyway, let’s learn, no matter what!

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Behind the Pixel 🔎

In this section, Manoela examines small design and animation details and takes a peek under the hood to see how they are accomplished.

I really love curved text animations. This one is a really cute one and it’s quite simple to achieve. eDesign Interactive has this nice animation on their marketing page and you can see the curved text being hidden on scroll. How did they do it?

When we inspect, we can see that there is a textPath which is curved along the path that follows:

The path has a 15px stroke in the background color. By animating the stroke-dashoffset, the line animation covers the curved text. It’s a clever technique!

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❓Did you know that…

…in the early days of the World Wide Web, the concept of web browsers was not as standardized as it is today. Before the dominance of the browsers we know today, there were several lesser-known ones. One such early browser was “ViolaWWW,” created by Pei-Yuan Wei in 1992. ViolaWWW was notable for being the first to support scripting and stylesheets. It eventually faded into obscurity as other browsers gained popularity, but its influence on the development of web browsers is a part of internet history that is not as widely recognized.

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