8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets That Celebrate Spring

The arrival of spring is always a cause for celebration. Flowers begin to bloom, the animal world teems with new life, and warmer temperatures cure us of cabin fever.

It’s no surprise that the season also inspires creativity. Web designers have been known to build their own homages. Bursts of color and nature-inspired animation pop up all over the place. It’s a sure sign of renewal.

With that, we’ve rounded up some amazing CSS and JavaScript snippets that celebrate spring. You’ll find plenty of pastels, flowers, and chicks here. Oh, and some pretty amazing design and coding skills, too. Let’s get started!

Ladybugs in the Meadow by Paul J Karlik

As spring gardens begin to grow, ladybugs can’t be far behind. This incredible 3D animation shows the loveable insects proudly on the march. Drag your cursor over the canvas to change the perspective.

See the Pen Ladybugs in the Meadow by Paul J Karlik

Spring Folk by Sophia

This snippet offers a more traditional view of spring with muted colors. It features animated folk art that changes upon being clicked or tapped. The entire thing is powered by JavaScript, with only minimal body styles applied.

See the Pen Spring Folk by Sophia

Flowerpot Slider by Chris Gannon

It’s always fun when code is combined with hand-drawn artwork. Even better when it’s interactive, like this flowerpot slider. As you drag the slider across the screen, a single daisy appears. The flower then vanishes when you’ve reached the desired setting.

See the Pen Flowerpot Slider 🌼🌼 by Chris Gannon

Easter Eggs by Nate Wiley

Beautiful pastel eggs are the stars of this snippet. The animation runs by itself but really takes off as you move your cursor around the screen. Eggs are everywhere!

See the Pen Easter Eggs 🐇 by Nate Wiley

Animal Crossing:Isabelle’s Day Off (Pure CSS) by Elisabéth

While the Animal Crossing video game series features all seasons, it’s hard not to think of spring when viewing this snippet. The bright colors and blooming flowers conjure up warm feelings. And extra points here for integrating a Nintendo Switch into the design.

See the Pen Animal Crossing:Isabelle’s Day Off ☀️(Pure CSS) by Elisabéth

Click and draw some flowers by Pogany

Turn your screen into a floral paradise with this incredible JavaScript creation. Click and drag your cursor across the screen to “draw” flowers. The more times you draw over a specific area, the larger the flowers become.

See the Pen Click and draw some flowers by Pogany

Flower Dance by agathaco

Does spring make you want to get up and dance? You might want to check out this fun flower animation. Choose the type of dance you want it to perform and watch it get down.

See the Pen Flower dance by agathaco

Chick in 3D Pixel World (No Javascript) by Takane Ichinose

Spring colors look amazing in just about every setting – including pixel art. Here we have a blocky little chick running in circles, waiting to spread its wings and fly. Hover over it and watch the little cutie take off.

See the Pen Chick in 3D Pixel World (No Javascript) by Takane Ichinose

Spring into Creative Code and Design

The world outside the window is a great place to look for inspiration. And after a season of cold weather, many of us find that spring gets our creative juices flowing again.

As demonstrated above, spring is about more than color. Talented designers have harnessed that energy into producing unique UIs and amazing interactive elements. The optimism and excitement nearly leap off the screen.

Want to catch a glimpse of more spring snippets? Take a gander at our CodePen collection.

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